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Milo Fine Live at Heliotrope V  [more...] (Available Now!)


Second Ascension
Thunderbolt Pagod - Second Ascension LP - NURU7

Thunderbolt Pagoda's second full-length album.  [more...] (Available Now!)

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Overhang Party
Overhang Party s/t LP - MMLP026

Japan's Overhang Party were always one of their country's most interesting, multifaceted and imaginative musical units, and we at Mutant Music are honored to be able to make their long out-of-print debut LP available once more.  [more...] (Available Now!)

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Thunderbolt Pagoda
Thunderbolt Pagoda s/t LP - MMLP025

Thunderbolt Pagoda have been developing their sound for the last few years, and we at Mutant Music are pleased to present their first LP in a deluxe boxed 180 gram vinyl package limited to 360 numbered copies. This is heavy Kosmische music for the modern age. Epic space voyages give way to punishing riffs and propulsive mantric rhythms, and the band make use of subtlety and bombast in equal measure. Mellotron, electric bouzouki and vintage analogue electronics act in conjunction with high-volume guitar, bass and drums to bring forth a musical palette capable of creating the epic musical landscapes the group envisions. The lineup includes members of Salamander, Skye Klad and Salubrious Invertebrae.  [more...] (Available Now!)

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Michael Yonkers With the Blind Shake CDR - MMCDR02

These recordings document the first full live set this group played in public, and we at Mutant Music are honored to present them for your ears to experience. Raw and honest, as both Michael and the Blind Shake like it best; noisy, sincere, and showing the fire of youth as well as the consideration and confidence of years in equal measure.  [more...] (Available Now!)

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Paul Metzger Solo LP - MMLP023

Guitarist for Minneapolis' legendary band TVBC, Paul Metzger has been burning up electric ragas for years. He has also been spending years at home building and modifying his own instruments and composing solo pieces. Recently he has been coaxed into some very well received live shows, which have inspired him to bring some of these compositions to the world. This LP is composed of two side-long pieces played on Metzger's modified fretless acoustic guitar, which has had additional drone strings added. This is a limited-edition (500 copies) 180 gram LP with a hand-printed covers, each unique and printed by the man himself.  [more...] (Available Now!)

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Sean Connaughty "Five Hands Tall" CD - MMCD010

Mostly acoustic improvised solo CD from Salamander / Vortex Navigation Company guitarist/vocalist.  [more...] (Available Now!)

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Di Dollari
Di Dollari- s/t CD - MMCD009

Di Dollari was started as a collaboration between Paul Horn and Glen Jones in 1998. It slowly evolved into an actual group over several years by adding the musicianship of Dave Onnen and Matt Zaun from Skye Klad and Mike Croswell from Metaphor. Influenced by instrumental music such as Ennio Morricone, Calexico and Low.  [more...] (Available Now!)

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Hungry Ghosts 2CD Compilation - MMCD008

Mutant Music in association with the Merchants of Sound are proud to present an amazing compilation of diverse artists spanning 2 CDs. Ambient, experimental, electronic, electro-acoustic and more... 2 full-length CDs in a handmade gatefold sleeve. [ more... ] (Available Now!)

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Fadladder - Windowtree - MMCD005

Fadladder "Windowtree" Post- industrial musical minimalism enters a new phase with the release of this long awaited debut CD by Minneapolis' own husband-wife duo Fadladder. Borrowing as much from Meredith Monk and Terry Riley as Coil and Nurse With Wound, Fadladder brings their own unique sensibilities into the mix. This is the first step. [more...]
(Available Now!)

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Skye Klad
Skye Klad - II - MMCD023

The Midwest's foremost practioners of visionary space rock return with a streamlined roster, a beefed-up sound, and a brand new strategic imperative. On their second full-length Mutant Music release, "Skye Klad II," Jason Kesselring, Eric Wivinus, Dave Onnen, and Matt Zaun take a break from their trademark extended space jams to delve into the realm of pop. It's all classic Skye Klad: richly psychedelic, masterfully executed, and dark as the depths as interstellar space. They're simply passing on the extended sonic voyages to concentrate on finely wrought songs of the three-minute variety---rendered 21st Century Skye Klad style, of course. Needless to say, the results are eminently exhilirating. With Halloween and the holidays approaching, you'll want to start stocking up on mind candy now. "Skye Klad II" provides the perfect prescription. [more...] (Available Now!)


Salamander - Live at the Soo Gallery- MMLP023

A live recording of a rare Salamander live performance on May 20th 2002. Two Drummers. Very high quality recording with great stereo separation. Hand printed sleeve featuring original artwork by Salamander guitarist Sean Connaughty. 12" vinyl - Limited numbered edition of 300. [more...] (Available Now!)

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Ousia- Face the Robot- MMCD061

A hybrid collection of ambient soundscapes and manually altered rhythms complimented by extreme manipulation of sound. Created with heart felt knob tweaking and an extraterrestrial sensibility of aesthetics and virtuosity. "Trippy, surreal, and often hypnotic...Ousia tunes are the stuff that dreams are truly made of." - babysue [more...] (Available Now!)


Skye Klad- s/t- MMCD022

Skye Klad's first full-length album. This album features a vast array of styles taking cues from Spaceman 3, Hawkwind, Sonic Youth, as well as from heavy psych rock, acid folk, and the finest of Krautrock bands. "The most mind expandingest bit of psyche since terrastocks roamed the earth..." - The Big Takeover [more...] (Available Now!)


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