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Maximalist Psychedelic Space Rock from Minneapolis


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Skye Klad - II - MMCD023

The Midwest's foremost practioners of visionary space rock return with a streamlined roster, a beefed-up sound, and a brand new strategic imperative. On their second full-length Mutant Music release, "Skye Klad II," Jason Kesselring, Eric Wivinus, Dave Onnen, and Matt Zaun take a break from their trademark extended space jams to delve into the realm of pop. It's all classic Skye Klad: richly psychedelic, masterfully executed, and dark as the depths as interstellar space. They're simply passing on the extended sonic voyages to concentrate on finely wrought songs of the three-minute variety---rendered 21st Century Skye Klad style, of course. Needless to say, the results are eminently exhilirating. With Halloween and the holidays approaching, you'll want to start stocking up on mind candy now. "Skye Klad II" provides the perfect prescription. (Available Now!)

$10.00 [buy]
Skye Klad- s/t- MMCD022

Skye Klad's first full-length album. This album features a vast array of styles taking cues from Spaceman 3, Hawkwind, Sonic Youth, as well as from heavy psych rock, acid folk, and the finest of Krautrock bands. "The most mind expandingest bit of psyche since terrastocks roamed the earth..." - The Big Takeover