Thunderbolt Pagoda - [MySpace]

Thunderbolt Pagoda have been developing their sound for the last few years, and we at Mutant Music are pleased to present their first LP in a deluxe boxed 180 gram vinyl package limited to 360 numbered copies.

This is heavy Kosmische music for the modern age. Epic space voyages give way to punishing riffs and propulsive mantric rhythms, and the band make use of subtlety and bombast in equal measure. Mellotron, electric bouzouki and vintage analogue electronics act in conjunction with high-volume guitar, bass and drums to bring forth a musical palette capable of creating the epic musical landscapes the group envisions. The lineup includes members of Salamander, Skye Klad and Salubrious Invertebrae.


$15.00 [buy]

Thunderbolt Pagoda - Second Ascension LP - NURU7

Thunderbolt's second full-length album. Package includes a custom die cut jacket as well as a double-sided insert. Design by Peet Fetsch. (Available Now!)

$15.00 [buy]

Thunderbolt Pagoda - s/t LP - MMLP0025

Package includes a foldout poster booklet and hand-stamped labels. Design by Peet Fetsch; box screenprinting by Paul Metzger, insert screened by Landland.


Side A

Horizon On Fire The Watcher

Side B Release The Krakken parts i and ii

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