Michael Yonkers With The Blind Shake


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Michael Yonkers With the Blind Shake CDR - MMCDR02

Michael Yonkers is a name known and revered by connoisseurs of inventive noisemaking, acid rock/acid folk, bedroom iconoclasm and private press insanity the world over. The Blind Shake are known to Midwestern underground rock fans for their unhinged din and shrill attack, as well as their potency in the live arena. When these two decided to join forces, the sum of their parts produced a whole far vaster and engaging than anyone could have guessed.

At last year's annual Heliotrope music exhibition in Minneapolis, Michael Yonkers and the Blind Shake floored everyone with the standout performance of the entire affair. Michael has been following his own highly individual path since the late 1960s, and it would be hard to imagine a group better suited to fleshing out his musical vision better than the Blind Shake. At times completely savage, at others subdued and reverent, these musicians know how to bring out the best in themselves and in Yonkers. They feed off him, but what is also quite apparent his how he feeds off them and reacts with gleeful abandon and no small amount of high-end volume. This is true symbiosis that takes them all farther than they could have known. It is really quite something to witness, as those who were present can surely tell you.

These recordings document the first full live set this group played in public, and we at Mutant Music are honored to present them for your ears to experience. Raw and honest, as both Michael and the Blind Shake like it best; noisy, sincere, and showing the fire of youth as well as the consideration and confidence of years in equal measure. Edition of 200.

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